Sweet Selkirk

If you were to ask Max what his favourite park is he would say Selkirk. We headed to this wee gem of a park on an overcast day in July for a picnic and exploration.

The first thing we noticed after we parked was the beautiful view. Waves crashing up on the rocky shore surrounded by bright green grasses, plants and trees with splashes of colour from wild flowers. It was such a pleasant spot to sit and eat our lunch.

There is a small playground the kids spent some time on as a I read some of my book club book. Then we were off to skip rocks and see if we could spot any different birds or butterflies. We found several insects, some toads, snails and more – always lots to learn about wandering through the parks.

We headed to Wheeler’s trail for a bit of hike to end our day. This trail is beautifully situated in the forest. In the mud we were able to see some deer tracks and what looked like racoon prints as well. The mosquitoes inevitably got the best of us so we cut our hike short just after the boardwalk through the marsh but it was wonderful while it lasted!

Selkirk is a park we will return to I have no doubt about that. It is a cozy, peaceful piece of nature just a hop away from Hamilton, Ontario. If you love a simple day trip this is place to put on your list!

Be sure to check out my Adventures Gallery for more pictures from Selkirk Provincial Park!

Happy exploring!

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