Lazy in Long Point

With a detour to Turkey Point

What a beautiful day it was when we headed out on an early July day to Long Point Provincial Park. I hadn’t been in many years, before I had children in fact, so it was nice to show them a place I was so fond of.

There is always that moment of serene beauty as you drive toward the marsh surrounded causeway toward the park. The way the trees overhang the road just so – it’s a sure sign you are getting close.

The spring was incredibly wet this year so the water was incredibly high and once we got in to the park, a good portion was still under water. This didn’t deter anyone though, the beach was really busy! Of course we tend to have Wally with us so we go to the designated dog beaches at many of the parks we visit.

It was a wonderful thing to see the Lilah’s face as we walked through the sand dunes and Lake Erie becomes visible. Max was a little disgruntled this day so his reaction was sub par 😉 .

Lilah dipped her toes in to what was still very chilly water though Max was more interested in trying to find places to hide from the sun. Meanwhile Wally, our dog, was happy as can be swimming in the water and chasing waves.

We had a picnic lunch and chased butterflies before heading off to our next stop, Turkey Point. It was a bit of a warmer day, though not too hot – I am not a fan of the heat – but a little much for Wally who couldn’t swim since there is no dog beach which kept our visit short and sweet.

After we headed home Max proclaimed Long Point to be a great park and said he wanted to go back. Lets hope next time he is in better spirits so he can truly enjoy himself!

After a very successful day trip we were eager to explore more of the Ontario Parks! I hope you’ll stick around to read about the other places we have been to and check out my adventures gallery.

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